Citrus rootstock seed


Citrus rootstock seed is our specialty and we dedicate ourselves to the production of high quality, clean, and reliable seed for our hundreds of nursery customers. 

Everything we do—from irrigation, fertilization, and harvest, right up to treatment and storage—is geared resolutely toward quality. And whether you are a large nursery operation or a backyard hobbyist, starting with strong, healthy seed puts cash in your pocket by minimizing waste and labor input, and maximizing the number of trees you can produce from the facilities you have available.

Quality is good for your bottom line!

What does “clean seed” mean?

Will Lyn Citrus Seed have what I need?

But is it affordable?

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Variety list

VARIETIESApproximate Seeds Per Quart
(1 quart = 0.95 liters)
     C-22 Bitters*5,000
     C-54 Carpenter6,400
     C-57 Furr5,000
     Carrizo 2,600
     Sacaton (Yuma Citrange)*4,600
Lemons and Limes:
     Mexican Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)5,000
     Rangpur Lime (Citrus limonia, Cravo lemon)9,000
     Volkamer Lemon (Citrus volkameriana)
    Schaub Rough Lemon (Citrus jambheri, Jatti Khatti)
     Cleopatra (Citrus reshni)6,000
     Sunki* (Citrus reticulata var. austera, suenkat)6,000
     Sun Chu Sha* (Citrus reticulata)5,600
Sour Orange (Citrus × aurantium):
     Smooth Flat Seville*3,300
Sweet Orange: (Citrus sinensis)
     Madam Vinus*2,700
Trifoliates (Poncirus trifoliata):
     Flying Dragon4,200
     Rich 16-63,700
     African Shaddock x Rubidoux Trifoliate*2,900
     Citrus moi* (Citrus pennivesiculata, Gajanimma)4,800
     Citrus oboveidea* (Kinkoji)2,900
     CRC 343 Grapefruit*2,700
     Cuban Shaddock* (Citrus maxima, substantially similar to Ponderosa Lemon)7,500
     Citrus macrophylla (Alemow)5,000
     Citrus taiwanica* (Nansho Daidai sour orange)2,500
     Yuzu (Citrus junos)*1,700
     X-639* (Cleopatra mandarin X trifoliate)7,600
Note: * = these varieties are not available in large quantities.

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