The Propagation Players!

Formally the owner and manager of Willits & Newcomb, Inc., Jackie Maxwell, couldn’t give up ties to the citrus industry when deciding to sell the nursery. Instead of buying a new rocker for the porch she opted to keep the propagating portion of the business and after phasing out the old corporation, she opened Lyn Citrus Seed, a company specializing in producing and marketing citrus rootstock seed and budwood. She has contributed 40 years of hands-on experience and a love for the industry.

Maggie De La Fuente, has over 30 years of export shipping expertise. She currently handles all of our orders from customers near and far. Some would call her our Sales Coordinator, but we call her Mighty Maggie!

Daniel Ramirez, has cared for our seed orchard for over 30 years. His practical orchard knowledge keeps our source trees healthy and productive. His years of experience ensure our seed and budwood is harvested with utmost care.